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Mar 09 2018

FF: To exit, push the button…

Yes, there is an exit sign above this door.

Thank you to Darren Patton of Isenhour Door for today’s Fixed-it Friday photo.

8 Responses to “FF: To exit, push the button…”

  1. Cda says:

    The button releases all the locks!!!

    Or are those fail secure locks???

    • Lori says:

      Mag-locks are fail safe, but in addition to the button the mag-lock also has to be released by a sensor, activation of the fire alarm, and loss of power. And the slide bolts are still a problem.

      – Lori

  2. curtis meskus says:

    push, pull, retract, slide, at least it is not blocked by boxes

  3. Dale Reisfield says:

    I wonder of this is a “classified” room as it is typical of a “classified” facility where there is an entry system on the outside that controls mag-locks seen in the picture in the upper area of the door. The button is to release the mag-locks to allow “EXIT” from the room. IF this is a classified room, then WHAT is a camera doing inside?

  4. Don Funsch says:

    Yikes, they forgot the self latching part, haha

  5. David Federico says:

    Looks like another typical door day in my life … I see this all the time and wonder just who is getting paid big bucks to inspect and not doing their job …

  6. Joel says:

    Oh wow. 2 slide bolts, 2 sets of alarm contacts, and a mag lock. I have to believe that Grade 2 aluminum body closer is also attempting the impossible with keeping that door shut every time someone walks past the PIR motion exit.

    It could be the perspective, but that door looks like an odd size…perhaps they had trouble coming up with a mechanical option that would fit on the narrower door? Can’t do ELR under 30″ width, and it looks like it only ever had a detex ECL230 on it.

  7. David Moyer says:

    Well, the door has a green button – and it’s lit, so one knows what to push to get out. So this must be acceptable.


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