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Mar 01 2018

Diagnosing a Problem Opening 101 (video)

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If I had a nickel for every time someone called to say their door wasn’t working…

Here’s a new whiteboard animation video – this one addresses how to diagnose a door problem.  If you have any diagnostic tips to add, please share them in the reply box!

The rest of our whiteboard animation videos can be found on the Allegion Training page, or on the Videos page of

What other topics would you like to see addressed in future videos?

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3 Responses to “Diagnosing a Problem Opening 101 (video)”

  1. Lach says:

    I work as an on-call dispatcher for our national account facilities department. One of my favorite “it’s not working” calls was when the manager at the retail store we contract with listed the work order as “the lock fell out of the door”. After calling the store we found out someone had forgotten their master key that day and took a “spare” master key from the safe. Turned out it was a control key and they pulled the core out of the lever handle.

  2. Bryan McKeehan says:

    Three “may need to be adjusted” items that almost always WILL need to be adjusted;
    Hinges, closers and vertical rods.
    Imagine that!

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