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Feb 20 2018

WWYD? Truck Stop Showers

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How would you handle this access-control request?

A truck stop / rest area facility includes a bank of individual restrooms with showers, intended to be used by truck drivers.  A driver will purchase a shower and receive a receipt with a unique access code for the lock.  A monitor screen near the shower area shows the condition of each shower room – whether it is in use, available, awaiting cleaning, or assigned to a particular access code.

When a shower becomes available it is assigned to the next driver waiting for a room, and the driver has a prescribed period of time to use their access code to enter the assigned room.  Ideally, a text message would alert the driver to the availability of their room.

When the driver uses the access code to enter the room, the status of the room automatically changes to “in use,” until the driver exits the room and the status changes to “cleaning in progress.”  When the room has been cleaned, the status is updated in the system and the room is automatically assigned to the next driver in the queue.

And of course, the solution must comply with the requirements for egress and accessibility.

WWYD?  Have you seen a system like this?

7 Responses to “WWYD? Truck Stop Showers”

  1. lach says:

    This does not fully encompass all of the points but is what first came to mind after reading.

  2. cda says:

    I am wondering if they could do something like the subway. Buy an access card. Put so many bathroom visits on it.

    Than on the door just have the hotel type door hardware, where you just hold the card to it, and turn the lever to enter??

    That way the card could be US wide at various truck stops??

    Now the rest of the bells and whistles wanted would have to be incorporated into a system.

  3. MartinB (aka lauxmyth) says:

    Presumably the doors and locks are only humid and not getting water on all the time. The payment computer does all the control and you could use an electrically controlled mortise lock with LBM and REX switches. In connection with a DPS, you can limit entry to once after the approved code is given and also know when the door is opened from inside to end the paid usage and click over to waiting for cleaning. The programming needs to control all this but the door needs the lock, power transfer and power transfer with cable through inside of door.

  4. Alan Itzkowitz says:

    Check out Gantner Technologies. I’ve worked with them creating guide specifications for their fitness center locker locking device systems.

  5. curtis meskus says:

    Not as elegant; truck stop rental showers, go to cashier pay money, name put on the list, attend cleans shower after the previous person is done, then notifies casher of open room, announcement made over PA for driver Smith shower room X is available, repeat

  6. Fred Rudiger says:

    I have seen systems like what you are talking about at TA and Flying J truck stops. From what I remember they are using some type of hotel like lock system. Truckers have perk card for this truck plaza companies like TA and Flying J. They use these card to use the shower rooms. They get free showers depending on their points. The same type of system is used by casinos. The first question I would ask who is the truck plaza for and are they a national chain. I am sure the national chains have the system in place.

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