How would you handle this access-control request?

A truck stop / rest area facility includes a bank of individual restrooms with showers, intended to be used by truck drivers.  A driver will purchase a shower and receive a receipt with a unique access code for the lock.  A monitor screen near the shower area shows the condition of each shower room – whether it is in use, available, awaiting cleaning, or assigned to a particular access code.

When a shower becomes available it is assigned to the next driver waiting for a room, and the driver has a prescribed period of time to use their access code to enter the assigned room.  Ideally, a text message would alert the driver to the availability of their room.

When the driver uses the access code to enter the room, the status of the room automatically changes to “in use,” until the driver exits the room and the status changes to “cleaning in progress.”  When the room has been cleaned, the status is updated in the system and the room is automatically assigned to the next driver in the queue.

And of course, the solution must comply with the requirements for egress and accessibility.

WWYD?  Have you seen a system like this?

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