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Nov 17 2017

FF: LTR Panics

Category: Egress,Fixed-it Friday,Panic HardwareLori @ 12:08 am Comments (3)

Well, this is one way to solve the problems with your panic hardware – NOT!  Thanks to Charles Anderson for these Fixed-it Friday photos!

UPDATE:  An eagle-eyed reader noticed that this is also a fire door, compounding the issues.


3 Responses to “FF: LTR Panics”

  1. Louise says:

    It looks like you’ll never really be locked out.
    The screw heads seem to be on the secure side.
    So, remove the screws, remove the kit and reach in to unlock the deadbolt.
    At least this seems to be the least of the issues here.

  2. Tim S says:

    Am I seeing this right? Somebody seriously removed a top rod to make room for…a deadbolt? At least they remembered to match the finish on the panic hardware when they picked the deadbolt out.

    Also, am I correct in thinking that the bump between the top pair of hinges means that we have a fire label riveted to this frame that’s now been painted over?

    • Lori says:

      Yes Eagle Eye! 🙂 I zoomed in on the original image and there is a label on the frame that has been painted.

      – Lori

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