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Nov 10 2017

FF: DIY Swing-Clear Hinges

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Hinges & PivotsLori @ 12:11 am Comments (4)

Michael Wallick of Kelley Brothers sent today’s Fixed-it Friday photos of a DIY application he spotted at a hotel.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen swing-clear hinges that appear to have been fabricated on-site.



4 Responses to “FF: DIY Swing-Clear Hinges”

  1. Bob Caron says:

    Not sure if that’s a fire door or not but I’m hella impressed with the ingenuity. It reminds me of my Dad and Uncles who would build things from scratch, not necessarily because they couldn’t afford the thing they wanted but because they had the time, materials and skills to pull off nearly anything.

  2. Richard McKie says:

    That’s Impressive! They work and appear to have worked for a long time.
    I imagine that the guy that made them up had no idea that they were available off the shelf and thought he had invented them. We had an electrical foreman who was quite a McGuyver. He fabricated his own surface mount electric strike boxes out of box-section aluminum tube and was very proud of his ingenuity. He got quite upset when we showed him the manufactured version in a catalog. He was convinced they had stolen his idea!

  3. Pete Schifferli says:

    Ingenious yes, but note that Hager doesn’t recommend plain bearing swing clear hinges in sizes larger than 4″, they offer a large variety of stock swing clear hinges:
    Their BB1260 five knuckle ball bearing standard weight swing clear reversible template hinge in 4-1/2″ size US26D finish can be sourced from larger distributors for about $80.00. I suspect that this would ultimately be less expensive, and certainly more satisfactory and attractive; than those fabricated in the field!

  4. David Federico says:

    Quite impressed with the ingenuity not pretty but functional .
    Lori I just opened the IBC item you posted but I went to save it and lost it could you send it to me again. With thanks.

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