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Oct 04 2017

WW: Furniture Store

Category: FDAI,Fire Doors,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:43 am Comments (8)

Mike Coleman of Allegion sent me today’s Wordless Wednesday photo.  I know of several fires where the fire door protected the store from a fire in the warehouse; the doors in this photo won’t be providing any protection whatsoever.  What’s the point??

8 Responses to “WW: Furniture Store”

  1. Dustin says:

    Oh those are fire rated mats though…

  2. Jack Ostergaard says:

    No because someone will be standing with their back to to door(s) so they can read the titles on the mats

  3. Anthony Wan says:

    Wow…. Even if they were closed, the bottom would fail to latch.

  4. Kent Krauser says:

    “Fire Door Keep Closed” what does that mean do ya think??

  5. Ken says:

    Those are called 4 hour fusible links!

  6. scott sampson says:

    Fire at the Charleston Sofa Superstore in 2007 killed 9 firefighters. Furniture store fires are terribly dangerous.

  7. Hamza Ali says:

    And we thought these things happened only in the Middle East and India.

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