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Sep 29 2017

FF: Fork Fix

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Panic HardwareLori @ 12:26 am Comments (3)

Jeff Dunham of BEA sent me today’s Fixed-it Friday photos.  While this fire door looks pretty good at first glance, a closer look reveals someone’s creative and inexpensive method of keeping the latch retracted.  Not only does this impact the ability of the fire door to remain latched to help deter the spread of smoke and flames, it also defeats the security of the locking trim on the pull side of the door.


3 Responses to “FF: Fork Fix”

  1. cda says:


  2. lach says:

    How did they stick the fork onto the panic? Looks kinda like it’s floating in the second picture.

  3. Carl says:

    Not to mention that some could be injured by the fork trying to exit in an emergency. I wonder if the door viewer is fire rated.

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