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Aug 04 2017

FF: Public Restroom

I’m in Guatemala!  I’m on the hunt for some beautiful and/or interesting Guatemalan doors to share with you, but until then, here are some doors from a recent trip to Phoenix.  Note the auto-operator actuator mounted on the extremely tall door/gate (hmm…), the vertical dummy lever (odd…), and the double-cylinder deadbolt (um…).  Thoughts??

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7 Responses to “FF: Public Restroom”

  1. Leo says:

    Is there enough Manuvering Clearance?
    Maybe they prepped the door for a full lock thats why they put the actuator on the door to cover the hole!! 😉

  2. Eric Rieckers says:

    Perhaps the vertical dummy lever is so that no one can reach under the door with a hanger and pull the lever from the inside?

    It’s a stretch but I had to throw it out there.

  3. SJL says:

    Email the City’s building official and fire marshal, and tell them that they have a building code violation on their hands! I always do that every time I see something like that. They need a classroom deadbolt!


    Looks like someone adapted a Keedex weldable gate box upside down to accommodate the Double cylinder deadbolt. Then installed a cylindrical lever set to be used as a pull handle . This of course is covered by the knowing act (4-1/2″) push button.With so much stuff around the door it looked like the only logical place . I think I would have told them to find another place for all the paper boxes. In situations like this I have used double face high bond 3M tape and installed the push button on the glass wall at the latch side of the door. But this of course is Guatemala and maybe codes are a little more relaxed. Lol.

  5. Vincent Chestnut says:

    That’s not a Keedex box – The lock area was custom made from the beginning,, look at the artwork on the door.
    The vertical lever is a pull – look at all the spacers, and there is no latch. Anyone see any kind of lock other than the double deadbolt?
    I can’t see if there is a door closer/opener at the top of the door.

    The double cylinder deadbolt is kept unlocked during business hours…lots of AHJ’s allow this on restaurants and stores.

  6. John Payson says:

    While I’m not saying I particular expect that things are rigged that way, would there be anything wrong with having a deadbolt which can be unlocked using the handle or a key, but can only be locked using the key? Somewhat like a classroom lock, but with the latching hardware removed? That would allow cleaning or repair staff to lock the room from the inside while servicing it, but would provide for single-operation egress in all cases (turn the handle).

    Would that seem a logical arrangement? Can you tell whether or not things might be rigged in such fashion?

  7. Richard McKie says:

    I would have used a B663 Classroom Function Deadbolt which allows someone inadvertently locked inside the washroom to unlock (but not lock) the deadbolt to escape. Of course this would have required guards to be added to prevent someone from reaching through the decorative cutouts in the door to surreptitiously unlock it.

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