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Jul 05 2017

WW: Kool-Aid Follow-Up

Category: Egress,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:35 am Comments (6)

Last week I posted a photo of the egress side of a “door” through some sheetrock that had been scored.  Jonathan Mathew Taylor just sent me this photo of the other side.  Can you see the “door”?  Hey Kool-Aid!

6 Responses to “WW: Kool-Aid Follow-Up”

  1. Fred Rudiger says:

    Yes, I can see it. LOL

  2. Curtis Meskus says:

    is this a temporary construction wall?

    • Lori says:

      Originally I thought it was, but it looks more like a permanent wall and maybe the temporary Kool-Aid-Man egress route is because construction is blocking the permanent egress route. Just a guess.

      – Lori

  3. Vincent Chestnut says:

    That looks like a good place for a bulletin board…

  4. Dwight Havens says:

    Sure looks “temporary” to me, Curt. Permanent likely wouldn’t use tape for coping. Regards my friend.

  5. terry says:

    The wall is temporary, the along the top and floor is taped. Like white duct tape, also the vertical drywall seams are taped not mudded. This would be a long term temp. wall, like 6 month remodel or so.

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