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Jun 12 2017

Martin Pierce

Category: Beautiful Doors,Push/PullLori @ 2:44 pm Comments (6)

Tom Breese (independent door and hardware consultant) sent me a link to the Martin Pierce website, and I’m in love!  It’s pretty unusual to see beautiful door pulls and custom levers, so when I do see something special, it’s exciting (I know – weird. 🙂 ). 

While custom hardware can be relatively expensive, sometimes it’s worth the investment considering the impact it can have on the main entrance of a building.

Check out Martin Pierce’s website, their blog, or one of their videos!


Here’s the video on their illuminated door pulls:

Photo: Martin Pierce

6 Responses to “Martin Pierce”

  1. Lenny Timpone says:

    Beautiful stuff. And it’s not weird. I remember when I started working in this industry, co-workers would tell me how they find themselves looking at doors in hospitals and other places and noticing violations, and just looking at doors in general and noticing things. So we’re door geeks…big deal!

  2. Jim Elder says:

    Lori. These are very cool. Do you have any idea of the cost of these items? Also, are they battery operated or could/should a power transfer hinge be used? Do they have a touch sense version (i.e. take the circuit board out of a Securatron TSB)? Do they have an electrical release version (i.e. with a mechanical switch)?

    I may be calling these guys. Just thought you might know off hand.

    • Lori says:

      Hi Jim –

      I don’t know anything about these products (except that they’re beautiful!), but I’m sure the manufacturer can answer all of your questions.

      – Lori

    • lach says:

      “Note: Luminaries come with the LED chosen and wiring suited for connection to a class 2 power source and have a 2 year limited warranty. Dimmers, color changing controllers and remotes and power transfer accessories are not included. Please refer to ADDENDUM for color options and required accessories.” Pulled from their PDF’s.

    • Tom Breese says:

      Jim, can’t answer all your questions, but your main one regarding power: yes, you’ll need to route low-voltage power from your frame to the door, and then on through to the pull. Any power transfer device will do, of course — you’re not limited to a hinge type.

  3. Don Hicks says:

    That is really cool.

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