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Apr 26 2017

WW: Brussels Hotel

Category: Egress,Panic Hardware,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:18 am Comments (11)

This is not the first time I’ve thought to myself…I hope everyone knows how lucky we are to have (mostly) code-compliant exits in the US.  Thank you to Ben Menache of M&D Door & Hardware for the Wordless Wednesday reminder.

11 Responses to “WW: Brussels Hotel”

  1. Laura Pedersen says:

    # of operations:

    1. Pull bust off table
    2. Toss lamp off table
    3. Pull table out from door
    4. Push against crossbar
    5. Realize door is bolted
    6. Undo slide bolt
    7. Push against crossbar
    8. Vault across moat
    9. Dodge swinging log
    10. Fight dragon
    11. Save kingdom
    12. Exit???

    • Lori says:

      I can’t tell for sure but I think you also need to get the key to open the little red box and then remove the key inside the box to unlock the surface bolt.

      – Lori

  2. Lisa says:

    Maybe if you can get the key out of the little red box, then you win the ice cream cone?

  3. Seth Wildenstein says:

    Does the round sign above the key box say that you can’t be eating Chinese Food or Ice Cream? That would make sure that both hands were free to exit with!

  4. John Truempy says:

    Sorry I will not touch that creepy looking bust….

  5. Maia says:

    wow I better brush up on international-speak. How do you get “EXIT” the “no tacos or ice cream” icon??

  6. Joel Niemi says:

    instead of #2, use base of lamp to break glass and get into the little red box

  7. David Kenyon says:

    If an individual miraculously manages to bypass all the obstacles related to passing through this door – just remember no ice cream cones or what looks like popcorn are allowed past the door ! In reality nothing is getting past this door. I can only hope its not an emergency exit.


  8. Charly Shannon says:

    No ice cream cones?

  9. Austin B says:

    The picture should have a caption that reads “I want YOU to NOT have free egress!”

  10. Zlocksca says:

    Problems with this exit if this is a emergency exit
    1.blocked exit
    2.not properly marked with signage
    3.not obvious that it is a emergency exit
    4.requires key and tool
    5.requires special knowledge
    6.blocked exit routes

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