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Mar 01 2017

WW: Less Bottom Bolt

Category: Panic Hardware,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:59 am Comments (26)

I have no words, except “thank you” to Fred Phillips of Interior Supply for this Wordless Wednesday photo.

26 Responses to “WW: Less Bottom Bolt”

  1. Cda says:

    Why not

    Wish there was a picture of the other door

  2. Michael Pedersen says:

    That looks like a hospital. Yikes. If this is in the US, somebody’s about to get in a lot of trouble.

  3. Steve Christifulli says:

    Never in my 30 plus years have I ever seen something like this.

  4. Louise says:

    Not even close to what I was expecting to see.
    (and phew, not my hospital)

  5. David Kenyon says:

    Mounting directions must have been turned 90 degrees?

  6. Eric Rieckers says:

    Absolutely brilliant. This is a direct result of ‘value engineering’: rim panics are so much cheaper than vertical rods. “On time, under budget” is my mantra.

  7. Scott Foley says:

    This is the best!!

  8. Brian Binder says:

    Fred, would you mind disclosing where this was taken? I’d like to see it with my own eyes if I’m ever in the area…

  9. Keith K says:

    Now that is a beauty. Maybe my new favorite.

  10. Alan Itzkowitz says:

    All I could do was laugh out loud !!!!!

  11. Rich says:

    Does that mean that it’s too short. The movable part should be half the height of the door. And then the ADA people would complain that it is more than 48″ above the floor. What are the two through bolts? possibly a mag hold open? At least it appears to be a fire rated device with the plugged dog key hole. Definitely a good choice for a Wednesday photo.

  12. Rich McKie says:

    Made me LOL!
    I was trying to come up with a funny comment like; “The template should have an UP arrow” or
    “Even our Carpenters wouldn’t do that” but this time words fail me.
    I can only imagine the look of horror on the Fire Marshal/Building Inspector’s face when they saw that.

  13. Sasquatch says:

    Spider Man thanks the installer

  14. jutzi says:

    Another Bill Elliott spec…….

  15. Daniel Poehler says:

    To go down as a Wordless Wednesday classic.

  16. Bryan McKeehan says:

    I have nothing so I’ll have to go with Eric’s comment.

  17. David Barbaree says:

    This is LITERALLY the best thing I have ever seen! This installer deserves to win a hardware RAZZIE award. The bar has been set, who will top it now?

  18. Timothy Perry says:

    That’s brilliant……………

  19. Joel Niemi says:

    so … maybe this is on the bottom leaf of a dutch door in a “fun house” which has been crafted to confuse … with a t-bar ceiling for a wall, and a ceiling with a rubrail and pictures in frames on it, and the photo was taken with the camera sideways. Yes, that must be the answer.

  20. Krystina says:

    Maybe they forgot the mullion and it was a creative, albeit naive, installer?

  21. Steve B. says:

    I believe this would definitely make an alcoholic go to and stay on the wagon.

  22. Michael Thorp says:

    I would seriously expect to have seen this at our local PD/Fire/Court building. Not a single fire door in the place is in compliance and no one ever inspects anything. Our town has no clue what NFPA80 is. When I gave a presentation at our local college on Fire and Life Safety, I needed examples of doors and frames not in compliance for a variety of reasons. Best place to go? The Police/Fire/Court headquarters building.

  23. Randy says:

    Would like to see if it has lever trim!

  24. Rafael Baez says:


    I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

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