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Mar 29 2017

WW: Army/Navy Store

Category: Egress,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:24 am Comments (9)

I received today’s Wordless Wednesday photo from Charles Anderson, and yes – he contacted the fire marshal.

9 Responses to “WW: Army/Navy Store”

  1. Harry says:

    Patches???? We don’t need no stinking patches!!!!

  2. Curtis Meskus says:

    the unseen sign on the outside has an arrow with the words use other door

  3. Robert wright says:

    Thanks for the update as this is far to common nowadays and we see that secure setup exists a lot to defend from store thefts

  4. Jerry Richmond AHC/CDC says:

    These all too often incidents of blocked or concealed exits, always tick me off. I’m glad the Fire Marshal was notified in this case. Another common and serious issue is with the main entry pairs of doors of most restaurant and retail establishments. Depending on the type of business and occupancy, etc., most of these entrance/exits are not equipped with exit devices. They commonly have push/pull bars and are secured by a deadlock and flush bolts. During public occupancy, the manager, or a clerk, unlocks the active leaf deadlock, but then fails to retract the typical manual flush bolts on the inactive leaf. I try to find the on-duty manager to report this danger to, but when that search turns up an apathetic teenager, I perform the task myself. If I had a dollar for every time I have seen people attempt to exit through a secured inactive door, I’d be retired. Oh, wait a minute… I am retired! It’s no joke, though. We should always speak up when we see these safety issues and if “the manager” doesn’t seem concerned, and doesn’t care to respond to this reasonable request (by making the correction) then report it to OSHA.

  5. David says:

    All too often this is the case as merchandiser compete for floor space.

  6. Mojo says:

    Due to road construction along street in front of this facility, the entrance / exit moved to the opposite side of the building. Street in what was the front has been closed for almost a year forcing Owner to close the entrance / exit depicted in this photograph. I was in the building recently and the relocated entrance / exit is clearly marked.

    • Lori says:

      That’s interesting – small world! This is the second WW photo lately where the exit sign should have been covered in addition to the exit being changed/blocked.

      – Lori

  7. Cda says:

    I did not see any other exit from the retail area.

    And the retail appeared big enough to require two exits

  8. Jerry Austin says:

    Due to the extreme difficulty experienced in health care settings, we were required to analyze travel distance, collaborated with the authority of jurisdiction and have a plan for directing folks to alternate exits. Part of that plan for this exit closure would also have been some form of directional signage (not likely to have been lighted signage) to get people safely heading to a temporary exit.

    We would not have left a working exit sign above the door visible, we would have covered it until the exit was opened. There are situations where exits must be temporarily closed for sure but folks should always consider that in the excitement and possible panic from a fire, the building people must consider the need for allowing occupants unfamiliar with the store layout to get out safely. These pictures are great and there is always something to learn.

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