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Jan 04 2017

WW: Extension Cord

Category: Wordless WednesdayLori @ 10:42 am Comments (8)

I saw this at the local market – on the stairs leading to the main entrance, outside, and yes – it had started to rain.  I’m not an extension-cord expert but this left me Wordless.

8 Responses to “WW: Extension Cord”

  1. Charlesa says:

    Venturing into the NEC now??

    Guess you have not seen this::

  2. Brandon J says:

    One would assume if it got wet enough it would pop a GFI or the breaker and nothing would happen. On the other hand I have been to Mexico a bunch and don’t recall seeing many GFI’s or breakers…. at that point don’t know what would actually happen.

    • Lori says:

      We have no GFIs in our house, but we do have circuit breakers! This photo was taken at a large assembly space.

      – Lori

      • Michael Pedersen says:

        You should really install GFIs as soon as possible. A circuit breaker will stop a short from burning your house down, but it won’t stop you (or your kids) from getting electrocuted!

  3. Bryce King says:

    Option 2, install a Rubber Duct Cord Cover

  4. Chuck Park says:

    Well, at least they shrink-wrapped the connections…

  5. David Barbaree says:

    It’s probably powering the refrigerators. What, You’ve never heard of an emergency disconnect?

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