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Jan 30 2017

Fire Door Inspection Training

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If you were looking for me last week, I was facilitating a 3-day class in our Carmel office for one person from each of our SSC offices.  Three days is a loooooong code class, but we all survived and some of them even enjoyed it!  😀  I will be digging out from under the pile as quickly as possible, so if you emailed  me or left a comment, I will get to it shortly.  Thanks for your patience! 


I get calls every week about training on fire door inspections – how and where to learn more.  I just read that NFPA and DSSF are teaming up to provide 1-day training sessions to help clarify NFPA 80 fire door inspection requirements in healthcare facilities.  As I wrote in a recent Decoded article, these inspections are now required for health care facilities which receive funding from CMS.

You can read about these sessions on NFPA Today’s blog!


NFPA = National Fire Protection Association

DSSF = Door Security & Safety Foundation

CMS = Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

3 Responses to “Fire Door Inspection Training”

  1. Joseph Glaksi says:

    Hi Lori,

    We have been providing fire door training based on the new codes and requirements to many hospitals, colleges and business.

    I normally do not use this venue as a sale lead however as you know fire door training is needed in all markets. We also help the in-house staff with educational material and the tolls to do training with in-house staff or Brand Services 9 3rd party) if requested.

    I can be reached at and website is

  2. DAN ARCE says:


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