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Nov 22 2016

Dangerous Door Locks

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This news report highlights a security situation that most people don’t think about.  While key-operated locks (keyed on the egress side) are allowed in certain locations, there are strict guidelines for their use.  The intent is that they are acceptable in the locations described in the model codes because the business would not be able to be open and the building occupied unless the door is unlocked.

The coffee stand in this incident was occupied by one employee, who died from the burns sustained in a fire there.  Because customers do not enter the coffee stand, the door was locked for security and prevented the employee from exiting quickly.  This has happened numerous times in residential fires as well – we need to make sure we’re educating people about the use of double-cylinder locks.

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4 Responses to “Dangerous Door Locks”

  1. Charlesa says:

    Sad story

    It was good to hear the reporter and a few other people get the code requirements correct.

    Not sure why propane was allowed inside the building??

  2. Charlesa says:

    I did a self storage place today with manager residence.
    Office door, with access to resident had keyed dead bolt on inside, and the resident exit door had keyed dead bolt on inside.

    Wrote to at least change the resident door keyed dead bolt

  3. Charly Shannon says:

    My dad was a fireman back in the 60’s and even then the danger of double cylinder deadbolts was known. His advice was if you have one keep the key in the lock when anyone is in the house.

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