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Oct 07 2016

FF: Padlocked Panics

Category: Egress,Fixed-it Friday,Panic HardwareLori @ 11:39 am Comments (8)

Leo Lebovits of M&D Door & Hardware sent me these photos from his summer vacation…this is a particularly egregious situation – very scary.  On the pair, the rim strike was mounted incorrectly so the deadlatching feature is not engaged.  This could be one of the factors behind the added padlocks, although I’m not sure what the deadlatching situation is on the single door.





8 Responses to “FF: Padlocked Panics”

  1. Ryan Johnson says:

    This is not a funny one this week. Someone should get spanked for this.

  2. Mike Elia says:

    It seems like the padlock holes were drilled to allow for ‘dogging’ and someone figured out they could ‘store’ the padlock in the hole. I suspect they had no idea they’d inadvertently prevented the device from operating. Or maybe they did it intentionally which, as you noted, is quite a scary situation.

  3. Vince Black says:

    And the hits just keep on coming….

  4. Pete Schifferli says:

    It appears the wrong make of overlapping strike was used. Exit device looks be Corbin Russwin ED8000 Series which requires their 468F30 strike. This has the projection to engage the deadlatch trigger in the correct position.

  5. Bryan McKeehan says:

    I’d be looking for cameras, finding none a certain piece of metal might disappear.

  6. Anthony Wan says:

    I’ve seen this done where they were keeping the latch in the open position for example the second picture has another hole on the body of the latch so you could put a pin through both holes.

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