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Aug 10 2016

WW: High School Gym Exit

Category: Egress,Panic Hardware,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:14 am Comments (11)

These were taken DURING a high school basketball game.  Thank you to John Borchmann of Allied Building Products for this week’s Wordless Wednesday photos.  🙁



11 Responses to “WW: High School Gym Exit”

  1. Charles Anderson says:

    They forgot to add

    No food

    No outside chairs

    And Do Not Block the Exits

  2. Lee Francisco says:

    What happened to the closers? You don’t see exit device doors without closers very often. Looks like the exit device pulls are mounted on the wrong side of the door too.

  3. lach says:

    Obstructions aside it’s interesting to see no closers. Instead having overhead stops with pull plates to pull the doors closed. Haven’t seen that application yet.

    • Ron says:

      if the doors aren’t fully closing and latching automatically, it speaks to the door sweeps/door closers/air handling issues.

  4. David Moyer says:

    I don’t understand the problem. You KNOW nothin is gonna happen requiring a quick exit. Besides, the equipment is on wheels and can easily be moved. (Sarcasm – and lots of it). I agree with Charles – an incredibly large sign needs to read, “DO NOT Block Exits”.

  5. Charles Anderson says:

    Top picture doors look like they use to have a closure

    Look at the right door top

    Rectangle where closure use to be??

  6. David Sherpitis says:

    No closers but door checks. Handle is to pull doors shut. Kids sneak into games when their friends open the doors. Doors are blocked to prevent unpaid entry. We have had staff put rolling steel screens to block the doors. Needless to say we stopped that practice. Solution is better supervision and a crowd manager

  7. Joel Niemi says:

    Maybe a future edition of the IBC needs to add a sign like the “this door to remain unlocked during business hours”, for A and E occupancies – Red letters on white, 6″ high, “Exit door do not block”. Most 3’x7′ doors would be big enough for such a display

  8. Kent Krauser, AHC,FDAI says:

    And to think this is in a facility to educate our next generation? Hopefully SOMEONE took the initiative to unblock the exits during the game! Or do we sit back and wait for a disaster to actually occur?

  9. TJ Quintana says:

    I think the trim pulls were added due to the fact the closers are missing and they didn’t want people to pull on the vertical rods to get the doors to latch.

  10. DAVID FEDERICO says:

    I see this type of doors and blockage all the time in restaurants movie theatres etc. They always use exit hallways as storage lockers .It happens all the time and every time I tell someone about it they all say the same thing ya ya ya … And my response is usually ya ya ya wait until the liability suit takes place . We as professionals need to take an active part in educating our clients and can only hope they listen . When I do work in places like that I note it on my work order so that when they sign it they can see it and cannot say they did not know about it or come back to me when they get fined … If that happens.. unfortunately in this day we still wait for a disaster to strike before we say why did you not do something about it .

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