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Aug 26 2016

FF: ADA Upgrade

Category: Accessibility,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 10:56 am Comments (12)

I received these photos from Don Funsch of Commercial Mill & Builders Supply. The interesting thing about these photos is not that the mailbox has been placed in front of the door, because this door isn’t a required means of egress. What makes them worthy of Fixed-it Friday (and Wordless Wednesday!) status is that the city wants the building updated for ADA and has highlighted this opening (and others) to be upgraded to the current accessibility standards – including a code-compliant threshold, ramp, and lever handle.  I’m all about code-compliance, but this seems a bit unnecessary if the mailbox is going to remain.

  Mailbox 2  Mailbox 1

12 Responses to “FF: ADA Upgrade”

  1. Charles anderson says:

    Plus I think it takes an act of congress or the postmaster for the area to move one.

    I wonder why the mailbox was put there in the first place?!

    Or was it the problem what came first the chicken or the egg

  2. Brandon J says:

    The different backsets are pretty darn ugly….

  3. Glenn Younger says:

    If the door is not used as a door, it needs to be made to not look like a door, and the problem would be solved. In fact in my state that is a code requirement.

  4. WSM says:

    Resolution: Remove door and replace with matching frame & glazing. Problem solved. Only thing that could come into play now would be the ADA access requirement to the mailboxes themselves.

  5. David Bishton says:

    Very true, Glenn. “Not code required” is at best a lame excuse for this situation. At worst, it could be misleading or even dangerous from the inside. Happens in spec retail all the time but at least there is normally shelving in front of it. A choice: either remove it or bring it up to ADA stds. seems reasonable.

  6. Robert N says:

    Not hardware related, but the landing in front of the mailbox does not appear to meet accessibility requirements due to slope.

  7. John Iwamoto says:

    am i seeing things or is the approach to the door sloped which adding a ramp would make it steeper…

  8. Vincent Chestnut says:

    That’s not an USPS box, but one that is commercially available for office buildings, condos, clustered housing areas, etc.

    Usually installed by request of the USPS so the carrier doesn’t have to spend time and fuel going from door to door. (Like in – you install these or we don’t deliver the mail…request…)

    Joe Handyman was ordered to install the setup, with no input from management…Just install one, don’t ask me any questions….use your best judgement….


    Glenn is absolutely correct… If it walks like a duck and quack’ a duck …then its gotta be a duck … The simplest remedy is blank off the door completely.. An inexpensive fix a couple of sheets of plywood painted to match and voila… No door..

  10. Khozema Kazi, AHC, FDAI says:

    the door wont open more than 30deg, let alone ADA it is not normal person compliant. I think they dont want the door to be used thats why mail box was installed.

  11. Rick Halloran says:

    What the city should be asking for is the required clear floor space in front of the mailboxes. I do not know what type of occupancy this is but if it is commercial,the 2010 ADAS requires an accessible route, and clear floor space in front of this mailbox. It does not appear to be wide enough for a parallel approach and it clearly exceed the 1:48 maximum slope. This is clearly new work and must comply with the guidelines. It amazes me that the city would concentrate on upgrading an object that will not be used (door handles) and allow an other critical element (the mailboxes) to be non-accessible and unusable by persons with disabilities. Someone appears to be asleep at the wheel here.
    Great (but sad) photo

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