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Jun 29 2016

WW: Double Egress?

Category: Egress,Panic Hardware,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:39 am Comments (13)

This Wordless Wednesday photo from Scott Straton of Allegion shows not just an exit that requires two operations to release the latch…the operations must be performed simultaneously!  NOOOO!!!

Update:  Now that Lee Francisco of DH Pace pointed out that there is also a deadbolt I should change the name of this post to Triple Egress, but the new link would cause RSS problems.  Three operations – two simultaneous and one involving a key!  ARGH!

Double Egress Exit

13 Responses to “WW: Double Egress?”

  1. Lee Francisco says:

    There’s a deadbolt too…

  2. cda says:

    They are just trying to comply with current panic hardware requirements, by updating to current hardware!!

  3. Greg says:

    That is what you call “Delayed Egress”.

  4. Austin B says:

    If there’s two exit devices, does that mean there’s two levers???

  5. Marcus Muirhead says:

    Holy smoke! Can you share a general location for this? I have never seen anything like this.

    • Lori says:

      I don’t know where this door is, other than the person who sent it to me is near Indianapolis.

      – Lori

  6. Eric Henken says:

    The cylinder on the deadbolt has been removed making nonfunctional. Does that make a difference?!

  7. Austin B says:

    It looks like the cylinder is there. That being said, one of these can not possibly work. How could you get in from the outside if both ED’s are engaged??? I see a lever for the bottom one so maybe the top has one as well. Would definitely look odd with two levers but we’ve all seen stranger applications, I’m sure!

    And yes this is in Indy. I can see a “Ladies Night at Crackers Comedy Club” poster on the door. This doesn’t look like one of the clubs though.

  8. Michael Pedersen says:

    The older exit hardware has a much wider backset, and looks crooked, like it’s been partially unscrewed. In fact, I think I can see the top left screw hole exposed. So I’d be surprised if the old exit device is latching.

    Of course the deadbolt is still a massive problem, and the whole door is ugly as sin. F for Effort.

  9. David says:

    It looks like the old Von Duprin push paddle was left for the sake of antiquity to go with the ancient Door. In any case it should have all been removed and covered up

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