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Jun 22 2016

WW: Conduit Conflict

I could hardly believe my eyes when I received these photos from Kevin Wiley, a fire marshal.  These doors are in a college dorm, and he said at first he didn’t know why the door didn’t close when he removed the wood wedge holding it open.

Look closely…

Conduit Pull Side

Conduit Push Side

17 Responses to “WW: Conduit Conflict”

  1. lach says:

    Is it just me or is that door not even in a frame? Looks like it’s just mounted in a block wall. Plus that is an interesting profile for those hinges.

  2. Andrew says:

    1. Conduit in the door opening
    2. Concrete frame, door likely not rated as an assembly
    3. Antique hardware (How old IS that hinge?)
    4. Labeled door?

    Got to hand it to their CMU guy though, that concrete frame is amazing craftsmanship.

  3. Bob Monigle says:

    Obviously they didn’t spec the collapsible, aluminum foil conduit. That would fix the issue….

  4. Sheldon says:

    And, wily fire marshal that he is, I’m sure he suggested notching the door.

  5. Don Hicks says:

    I wonder how long that condition has been like that. Very good picture.

  6. Joel Niemi says:

    judging by the excavation in the ceiling beyond (lower photo) that door has been permanently open for a long time

  7. Thor Mollung says:

    The funny thing is that the ceiling is drop ceiling! Why run it over the frame? LOL

  8. Ian Greene says:

    I think David Burns said it best…….

    “My house! Is out of the ordinary
    That’s right! Don’t wanna hurt nobody
    Some things sure can sweep me off my feet
    Burning down the house”

    Not ordinary at all and just a matter of time before that conduit gets crushed, insulation pinched and cables arc…..

  9. Harry says:

    Even more interesting is the door appears to swing off the block….no jamb! Since its not rated just notch the door corner…problem solved…moving along…lol

  10. Jason says:

    No problem, just notch the door to fit around the conduit!

  11. Rich says:

    What’s the problem? You can drill all of the holes you need up to 1″ for hardware. That will be fine, won’t it? Doesn’t he know that he should have run the wires through the smoke dampers above the ceiling. That’s why the hatch is there.
    Now seriously, this door seems to be at a couple of steps higher than the other doors in the picture. Is there a small stair level change there. The ceiling grid drops also. It’s hard to see, but it appears that the top hinge is worn and has allowed the door to drop about 1/8″. The whole frame is strange. My guess is that someone should be wearing a hard hat with two big black ears on it. M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e

  12. Eric T says:

    I’m impressed that they were able to hang the door directly to the masonry wall. It looks like the hinge is mortised into the block which is even more impressive. So….WOW. Why? WoW. Hmmm. LOL

  13. Tim O'Leary says:

    Call back. Forgot to notch the door

  14. Jim ELder says:

    Never seen anything quite like this….. (He should have cut the corner off the door:)) This one leaves me speechless..

    Your photo archive is priceless.

  15. Vince Black says:

    Expert level…genius.

  16. Kyle says:

    At least they had the good sense to use a LCN closer.

  17. curtis meskus says:

    The building seems to be sprinkled, everything is ok….

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