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Apr 13 2016

WW: XpresSpa or Exit?

See any problems here?


Thanks to Tim Weller of Allegion for this Wordless Wednesday photo!  The fun never ends!

13 Responses to “WW: XpresSpa or Exit?”

  1. lach says:

    That’s assuming that you can see the opening.

  2. Lee Francisco says:

    For starters the exit sign is not on. Looks like there are mag locks on the doors. Shouldn’t there be an emergency exit button near the door in case the motion sensor fails?

    • Lori says:

      If the motion sensor is releasing the mag-locks, then a push button would also be required. I see door loops going to the panics, so maybe the panics release the mag-locks, and in that case a push button is not required. I’m suspicious about the mag-locks though, and regardless, the design covering the doors is a problem (IMO).

      – Lori

  3. Cda says:

    So does not look like the exit sign is lit!

    And, is that delayed egress or some other mag lock system on both doors??

    • Lori says:

      My guess is that those are standard mag-locks. Even if they were delayed egress, the signage is missing. Plus, who would think that those doors actually lead to an exit? I wonder what happens on the other side.

      – Lori

  4. John Payson says:

    Judging by the ceiling tiles, the spa wall to the right of the door appears perpendicular to both right wall of the salon and the spa wall to the left of the door, so the existence of an exit within the spa doesn’t seem like it would be as counter-intuitive as the wide-angle photo would suggest. A more interesting issue would be the question of what purpose the locks could serve, since I would think that the door in the picture above would serve as one of the exits to the store but also as one of the exits to the spa. Would there be some occupancy classification for the spa which would allow it to operate with only one operable exit (out the back of the store) if that exit was a direct discharge to the exterior?

    • Lori says:

      I can’t say for sure, but to me this looks like the spa was added in an area of the airport concourse, and because it blocked an existing exit these doors have to act as an exit leading to the existing exit. Obviously not great for security, and based on the photo, not great for egress either. Regarding your question about the one exit out the back…if this was an enclosed store (not an airport concourse), then it’s likely that one exit would be sufficient, but typically the entrance door is also the exit because that’s where people will go in an emergency.

      – Lori

  5. Cda says:

    Is that another door on the other wall??

    Where the two s’s are?

  6. John Rein, AHC says:

    They don’t offer massages? Just kidding.

  7. Terry Crump, FDAI says:

    I see a problem… with the AHJ that signed off on this project.

  8. Vincent Chestnut says:

    Alas, no AHJ was ever consulted or called in for an inspection, right?

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