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Apr 22 2016

FF: Preschool Exit

Category: Egress,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 12:49 am Comments (6)

This Fixed-it Friday solution is ok for a preschool since the average height of the occupants is 26 inches, right?  WRONG!

Small door

6 Responses to “FF: Preschool Exit”

  1. cdafd says:

    You have to train them young!!

  2. Mike Elia says:

    Fix that one with door hardware! LOL

  3. David Scott Kenyon says:

    Totally incorrect – who says the children are all under 26 inches and what about all adults in the same location? Headroom requirements for the stair are not within code – minimum 7 foot 6 inches required, however I do not see that here. I am unable to read the red sign on the door lever/emergency agrees bar, however what is with the perforated unit below the lever arm ? Sound annunciator or pushbutton actuator – hard to tell. The wee little ones can use this door if directed by adults – remember they can’t read yet !! As for the adults – they are gonna have to crawl through this door opening! Truly amazed as always that these things get built and accepted – go figure!

  4. Bill C. says:

    now THAT’s a drop ceiling!

  5. BostonBrian says:

    Was that the editorial comment or the justification from the facility manager?

  6. Kevin Wiley says:

    Guys…..That is an emergency rescue window that is used in day care centers and without exact measurements, I think it looks like it meets the minimum dimensions as outlined in the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101. The platform brings the bottom of the opening to a minimum of 44 inches above the floor…… I’m just saying!!

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