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Mar 09 2016

WW: Fire Door Inspection

Category: Egress,FDAI,Fire Doors,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 11:34 am Comments (9)

John Lozano of Allegion sent me these photos from a recent class on fire door inspection.  What problems do you see on this pair of fire doors in a health care facility?








9 Responses to “WW: Fire Door Inspection”

  1. Leo says:

    1) All these holes.
    2) It does not look like they have 32″ clear width.
    3) That block for the closer.

  2. Ryan Pfeiffer says:

    Johnny.. please… put down the drill. 🙂

  3. Lee Francisco says:

    Exit device strike has a loose screw and a screw that’s not designed for the strike. Doesn’t look like the strike is centered on the latch either.

    In the same picture as the exit device strike you can see the other leaf is damaged. That damaged leaf is also rubbing on the opposite leaf stop. Probably doesn’t latch correctly.

    Wow there are a lot of unfilled holes in both the doors and the frame!

  4. Rich says:

    Start with all the extra holes. Looks like the door had a different electric device at one time with the 1″ hole in the bottom of the stop. Add the top strike for the exit device has loose or other than provided screws. At least one of the doors is rubbing the dual egress frame stop. The split in the veneer showing on the top of one door. The gap at the bottom of the doors does not look even. Is it acceptable to add a redundant release button and wire loop to a listed fire exit device? Not a listed wire loop with plastic ends. Are the sex bolts steel or aluminum? The non standard mounting of the door closer. Width issue as posted above. And probably 12 other things I have missed from these photos.

  5. Debbie Stewart says:

    Also, door cords are not UL listed.

  6. David Bachman says:

    Looks like someone removed the exit sign and no Fire alarm Pull Station near the door. This is what keeps us in business

  7. Faisal shah says:

    As mention this door is fire reader another lead should be with door close first of all seconds in hospital building it should be less bottom rod exit device door closer can install other side to avoid extra hole as he fix wood make reveal label on face of door.

  8. Dave says:

    Someone needs to be educated.TN

  9. M. Stenner says:

    Lets see how I do here…

    – No prominent ‘Fire Exit’ signage
    – ‘Do not enter’ signage conflicts any indication of this being a fire egress route
    – Maglock could potentially be an issue (not if equipped with automatic fire release (FAI); but we can assume nothing based on the evidence presented)
    – Door constructed of a combustible material (wood, not steel) – read not fire-rated
    – Perforations within a fire-rated door and frame are a clear breach of UL Standards [and most local Fire Codes]
    – ‘Panic Bar’ Request to Exit (REX) may present a barrier where FAI release hasn’t been been properly configured -AND- a potential for wire breakage exists when presented within the exposed REX wiring shown
    – Locking catch hasn’t been properly inspected / maintained
    – Gap between doors exceeds allowable 3mm limit
    – Light clearly-visible from the other side of the fire doors, indicating improper seal (no intumescent strip or smoke seal)
    – Automatic door closer employs a wooden block modification (affixing combustible material to a fire door; and modification of closer)

    Ok, so here’s a bonus catch maybe:
    The first image in the set appears to show an access control reader (HID RP-40 maybe?) mounted to the wall (extreme right, middle)… …and yet the the magnetic lock and ***REX release*** are both mounted on the same side of the door – not exactly a ‘secure’ config. Audited normal ingress / egress for this ‘restricted’ area perhaps? That being the case, this should have been split directional fire doors (fixed steel mullion, with integral strikes?)… …and a REX isn’t normally be required on these door configs; during fires/evacuations, the FAI should automatically release these doors.

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