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Mar 24 2016

Copper Doors

Category: Beautiful Doors,Road TripsLori @ 12:27 pm Comments (5)

I recently visited Santa Clara del Cobre, a town known for it’s amazing copper work.  I didn’t find a lot of copper doors, but the pair below is on the entrance to the Museo del Cobre.  The doors are wood, with small copper overlays attached which look like they were done by various artisans.  The wood frame is covered with copper as well.

Museum Entrance

Museum Door  Museum Wicket

Museum Crest  Museum Fish

Museum Flower  Museum Flowers

Museum Latch

Museum Horse

Museum Stars

Here’s another pair:

Copper 1

Copper 2  Copper 3

If you see a beautiful door in your travels, send me a photo!

5 Responses to “Copper Doors”

  1. Kevin says:

    Interesting Door-in-Door detail for such beautiful doors.

  2. Nelson Dayton says:

    These doors are beautiful – such detail, even the hasp!
    The one shot shows the name Carlos Ruiz, also catcher for the Phillies 🙂

  3. Daniel Davis says:

    I aspire to create such works of art!

  4. Jess The Door Closer Doctor says:

    beautiful doors!!

    as for Chip Falcon’s road trip, yes I remember and he eventually was installed at a library (I think)

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