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Feb 29 2016

It’s not you. Bad doors are everywhere.

Category: Doors Gone Wrong,VideosLori @ 7:29 am Comments (12)

As a hardware consultant, there were many times that I tactfully pointed out to an architect what I thought was a door-related design problem.  My advice was usually ignored unless the issue was code-related.   Finally…vindication from Vox and 99% Invisible.

If you don’t see the video embedded here, you can view it on Youtube.

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12 Responses to “It’s not you. Bad doors are everywhere.”

  1. Cda says:


    Someone beat you to a term??

    Should be “Lori norm door”

  2. Jeff Tock says:

    Since you posted this on Feb 29, does that mean we can only read it on Leap Year? That would be a shame….

  3. Rachel Smith says:

    Loved it. I needed something humorous today

  4. Ellen Reilly says:

    I assume you saw my post on Facebook, right?
    I am glad you made reference to this.

  5. Jim says:

    This is a great site. Check out the post on revolving doors

  6. rb says:

    The problem is that the pulls in the video have no competitor that does the same function.
    Solid glass slab door, office or entry function, striking into a floor because the strike side is also a solid glass slab. CR Laurence is the only option, and the push looks just like the pull so that it doesn’t have to be handed. Is there an Allegion product that does this better?

  7. Daniel Davis says:

    YES!!!!!! I love it! Do they have any posts on Murphy Doors?

  8. rb says:

    D’oh, actually my link is not the doors in the video. The ones in the video don’t go to the floor. Must be a maglock if they lock.

  9. Martin B (aka lauxmyth) says:

    If you do not listen to 99% Invisible each week, I highly recommend it. Love this. As confession, I did a vacation into Europe a few years ago and when I saw Norman door, I thought it was going to be about historic architecture.

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