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Dec 09 2015

WW: Seek Alternate Route

Category: Egress,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:06 am Comments (7)

These photos were shared on the Truck Floor Training page on Facebook, and are posted here with the permission of Chris Morgani of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department.  In addition to the obvious problem, the door is welded shut.  Maybe it’s not a required exit, or maybe someone made an uneducated decision.  We will probably never know.

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7 Responses to “WW: Seek Alternate Route”

  1. Joe Hendry says:

    This looks pretty X-Filesish.

  2. Daniel Davis says:

    They could’ve at least cleaned it up a little.

  3. Curtis Meskus says:

    Hopefully on the inside they have refinished the wall to not have the door opening in it.

  4. John Payson says:

    If there used to be habitable space beyond that door but there isn’t any more (e.g. there’s nothing beyond the door but a sheer drop) replacing the door with a wall would have a certain cost. In some cases, replacing the door with a wall would offer benefits sufficient to justify such costs (e.g. gaining wall space against which flammable materials might legally be stacked), but in other cases there may not be. If an inspector evaluated the construction of the door and the usage of the space on either side and was okay with leaving a useless door rather than replacing it with a wall, I see no reason someone who later built a staircase should feel a need to change it.

  5. Thomas Norman says:

    There’s panic hardware on the inside of that door. Looks like a fire exit to me.

  6. Jeff says:

    With the concrete poured in front of the door at the base, I seen that have used that dead area for landscaping. I am curious on the water infiltration, currently and as the rust progresses. The mason will appreciate the removal challenge later, along with the additional income.

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