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Nov 20 2015

FF: Wrong Hand?

Category: Egress,Fixed-it Friday,Panic HardwareLori @ 12:17 am Comments (7)

What is happening in this Fixed-it Friday photo sent to me by Daniel Cannon of Allegion?  If the lever has to be turned up instead of down because it’s the wrong hand, shouldn’t the sign be on the other side of the door?  Or…maybe someone could just make it right?

Handle Lever Up

7 Responses to “FF: Wrong Hand?”

  1. dwight says:

    Looks like they changed the swing of the door, ordered a new panic and used the old exterior trim. Penny wise, pound foolish.

  2. Shane FitzGerald says:

    It’s European trim to receive a Euro profile cylinder.
    It’s their convention to mount the cylinder beneath the lever, ergo ‘Handle/Lever UP’
    It seems to be a dogged Yale rim device. So my guess is the trim functions as a door pull.

  3. Glenn Younger says:

    This is what happens when life safety hardware is sold to non-qualified installers. Installations that may, or may not, actually work.

    In my state (California) any installation or improvement over $500 in cost requires a C-28 contractors license.
    Does that Happen? not often, but here is what makes sense to me; qualify the installer before they can purchase the hardware to make sure it is installed correctly more often.

  4. HDW LOVER says:

    Ha! I would say only a new trim is required. However, the active case is pry handed. Should be more of a “SERIOUSLY?! Saturday”.

  5. David Scott Kenyon says:

    The sign is most definitely on the incorrect side of the door since no lever exists on the side of the door with the exit device. Since the panic device appears to be rim type device why can’t the operation of the lever be manually changed or switched to operate in the right direction? Seems like a simple fix to me. Go figure?

  6. Bryan McKeehan says:

    It would help if we could see the other side of the door.

  7. DAVID F. says:

    This is a classic case of a device installed by someone who DID NOT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS… on how to change hand … The photo of the lever was probably just pulled off a website so that the every day users could relate to the outside trim and how to operate it …. I see this all to often when Property Managers try to say money from Locksmiths and have their maintenance person install it … gotta love that

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