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Jul 29 2015

WW: Museum Egress

Category: Egress,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:06 am Comments (9)

I’ve written quite a few specifications for museum projects and although many architects have asked me for “invisible doors,” I do my best to talk them out of it.  These are two different museums, in two different states, but these Wordless Wednesday photos were both sent to me the same week by two different people.

From Lisa Goodwin Robbins of Kalin Associates:

Museum Door 2

From Zeke Wolfskehl:

Museum Door 1


9 Responses to “WW: Museum Egress”

  1. Lee Francisco says:

    Side note. Is that glass a museum piece or just a pile of broken glass?

  2. Jake says:

    Funny that the title next to the bottom door is “Irrationalism”, seems fitting.

  3. Joel Niemi says:

    Someone does not appear to have a code-compliant egress path width leading to the non-compliant (not distinguishable from wall) door in the top picture.

    If the occupants can’t get to the door, does that mean they don’t have to be able to see it?

  4. Lisa Goodwin Robbins says:

    Lee, The glass is contemporary art.
    You can tell by the way it’s cordoned off from the museum visitor, leaving an egress path of less than 36 inches wide, to the door that would be invisible, if it weren’t so dirty.

  5. lach says:

    I’m curious about the seams on the wall in the top picture. Does that whole wall open up then?

    • Lee Francisco says:

      I would guess that it does. If you look at the undercut of door and the panel to left of it they are identical. Probably a mortise panic and extra wide door/panel with flush bolts.

  6. Lee Francisco says:

    Probably so. I’ve done some museums with really oversized openings. Apparently large art pieces do not break down into smaller parts to fit through the standard doorway…go figure!

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