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Apr 09 2015

2 Doors – Beautiful or Average

Category: VideosLori @ 2:53 pm Comments (9)

To all of my gal-pals who read iDigHardware, I hope you choose the beautiful door.  🙂

9 Responses to “2 Doors – Beautiful or Average”

  1. Lee Francisco says:

    I want to see this test done with the “Beautiful” door on the right and the “Average” door on the left. Bet you have a different result.

  2. B. Holt says:

    …Beautiful… 🙂 thanks Lori

  3. Carol says:


    I love all your post.

    It’s the beautiful door me !!

  4. Daniel Davis says:

    I was disappointed how many went through the average side. I would choose beautiful then hold the door open for many to follow.

  5. BJL says:

    And you are beautiful too!

  6. Scott says:

    Having 3 beautiful daughters, this was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time…Attta Girl!!!

  7. Tom Breese says:

    Fascinating! I know the video was sponsored by Dove products, which are marketed for women, but I’m curious how men reacted/behaved given the same choices — I’m presuming the cameras were rolling. And, I like Lee Francisco’s idea of swapping left & right, just to see if ‘handing’ is a factor, or is it merely convenience that drives the decision.

    Subtle but important part of our industry, the ‘psychology’ of doors — their appearance, placement, usage — as a part of human interaction with architecture at large. Very curious what studies have been done so far.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  8. Mary Hinton says:

    Great video, thank you for sharing. We should all choose the beautiful door! I certainly hope my daughter would. (:

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