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Oct 01 2014

WW: Hole in the Wall

Category: Fire Doors,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 8:05 am Comments (9)

It’s Wordless Wednesday again!  When I was in Baltimore a few weeks ago, I was loitering around these pairs of fire doors leading from the exhibit hall to the service corridor…

Exhibit Hall Pairs

I first noticed the open holes in the frame, which are not allowed in fire door assemblies…

Exhibit Hall Latches

Then I took a step back and noticed this +/- 5-inch diameter hole in the wall.  The protection provided by a fire door assembly is only as good as the integrity of the wall that it’s part of!

Exhibit Hall Hole

9 Responses to “WW: Hole in the Wall”

  1. Julia says:

    One word: WOW.

  2. Bob J says:

    It’s an access port for a 3″ fire hose……… 😉

  3. Daniel Davis says:

    Wow! It’s truly amazing, now that I have the knowledge, to believe that the majority of people’s concern with doors is security. Then aesthetics, and then fire, as long as someone can’t crawl through the hole in the wall it’s not an immediate concern. How many more fires will it take before its common knowledge?

  4. Rich says:

    To limit oxygen into the fire, insert hose through this hole

  5. Leonard Bankester says:

    To let the smoke out??? Good one!

  6. Tom Breese says:

    Just guessing here, see this fairly often out here on the Left Coast: this was bored for data cables going out to media satellite / broadcast vans lined up outside during a big event. Not safe, it’s an obvious violation, but the big money speaks. Also guessing that the hole is higher than we’d have out here because of snow? Don’t know that I’ve seen these in a firewall, though.

  7. Brian says:

    I have been reading and following your emails for several months.

    When you notice these obvious violation of codes and Life Safety, do you report them to the AHJ or just to your readers.

  8. Dan says:

    Can’t help but wonder about the changes that led to these code infractions. The frame holes look like there was once dual maglock holding these doors perhaps without fire bolts or latches. Did the local AWJ dictate this change? Also, the round wall hole looks to be some type of sleeve. Perhaps a sprinkler pipe or metallic conduit once penetrated the wall with proper firestopping. Once these elements were removed proper firestopping should have been installed. As for the door frame, the fire labels are now void unless the mfr has an approved patch detail (a rated plug)?

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