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Sep 05 2014

FF: My Door Won’t Close

Category: Automatic Operators,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 12:47 am Comments (8)

Thank you to Tim Meegan of Doors Incorporated for today’s Fixed-it Friday photo!  It’s a classic!

In case anyone is wondering, this article talks about the mounting guidelines for auto operator actuators!

Stays Open

8 Responses to “FF: My Door Won’t Close”

  1. Bryan McKeehan says:


  2. Eric Rieckers says:

    Expensive wall stop.

  3. Eric Henken says:

    Unfortunately they will most likely move the pull before putting the switch in the proper location.

  4. Jack Ostergaard says:

    I can hear the contractor now – “That’s where it was shown on the Electrical Plan!”

  5. Austin B says:

    Who knew actuators could be used as hold opens?!? I guess they could’ve wired it into the fire system so it would close in the event of a fire!

  6. Tom Breese says:

    …and yet another attempt at perpetual motion…

  7. Dan Borkowicz,DAHC/CDC says:

    well we need a larger offset pull

  8. Ken Grayling says:

    Ah! how to test to destruction!

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