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Jul 17 2014

TBT: Golden Oldies

Category: Door Closers,Panic HardwareLori @ 2:45 pm Comments (8)

I don’t usually post Throwback Thursday photos, but I couldn’t resist…

A few weeks ago I received an email from Peter Bernard, who recently took the position of Facilities and Operations Manager at Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home in Manchester, Vermont.  His email said, “Look what I found in the basement of the mansion.”

Hildene Closer a

So cool!  If you’re not familiar with this closer or why it’s so exciting to me, you can read about it here:  The Rector Wanted it Quiet.  There is an additional 3-post series about L.C. Norton that begins here.

Then, a few days ago I received this photo from Jeff Rinderle and Jerry Hoffman of Rinderle Door – an OLD Von Duprin Model A device – still working, and paired with an electric strike for access control!

Von Duprin Model A Panic

And in a surreal 6 Degrees of Separation moment I met a woman last week with the last name Vonnegut.  Someone said her name sounded familiar and she mentioned the author – Kurt Vonnegut, who was her husband’s grandfather.  Of course I immediately asked her if she was aware of the family’s involvement in the development of the first panic device, and she said yes!  In case you’re not familiar with the story, here’s an article from Carl Prinzler – How it All Began.

Have you worked on a historic renovation project lately?  If you have, Doors & Hardware is looking for help with an upcoming issue on decorative and restoration hardware.  Drop me a line if you have some photos or a project to share.

8 Responses to “TBT: Golden Oldies”

  1. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    Ahhh the good old days… Ships were wood, men were steel, and hardware was fun!

  2. Andy Lindenberg says:

    Only hardware Geeks like us can appreciate jus how cool all this is!

  3. Jess says:

    Hello Lori,

    hardware geek here, more of DOOR CLOSER ENTHUSIAST here….. loved what I read about what was found in the basement of the mansion, looks just like the one I got about 3 or so years ago, same color (black)

    pretty cool that you met the relatives of Vonnegut hardware (Von Duprin panic exit devices)

    I wonder, is there a way that you can ask Peter Bernard if he can video this door closer in action (closing)?? I think could be cool to see this type of closer in action.

    -Jess the door closer doctor

  4. Jess says:

    forgot to add,

    I took a look at the Rinderle door company website and seen they had a youtube channel, my god, what a laugh, they sing a song to the tune of “on the road again”

    thanks alot Jeff Rinderle, your video is now on my liked videos list!

    I am creative like this as well, made up a song about LCN closers to the tune of “No Particular PLace to Go” by chuck berry, one day I will record myself singing it and upload it.

    -Jess the door closer doctor

  5. Jeff Tock says:

    I’m totally geeking out!!

  6. Tom Breese says:

    You guys are so lucky out there on the Right Coast — you get to have all this cool old stuff around you! Maybe in a museum some time out here … maybe. Thanks for the photos!

  7. Robert Martineau says:

    Wow, I just show the old VD panic to an hardware expert where I’m working. He just told me that those panic were probably made not so far from us. In Chambly, Qc, Canada. It’s good to know that!

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