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Jun 11 2014

WW: PREPosterous

Here’s a Wordless Wednesday photo for those of you who are familiar with hardware installation…what’s wrong with the door in this photo?

Hint: It’s a fire-rated electrical vault door.

Fire Exit Hardware Prep

Thank you to John Truempy of the University of Pennsylvania and ALOA!

10 Responses to “WW: PREPosterous”

  1. John says:

    No thank you for having such a great blog!

  2. Karl Eklund says:

    Looks like they originally installed a cylindrical lock on the electrical vault. Then, they got into trouble with NFPA80 and had to install a panic. They could have used a panic with a 161 prep…. But they choose a panic with some kind of mounting plate that is cut off … Not sure if I see the whole picture here.

  3. David Barbaree says:

    It has a modification for the change from the original prep for a cylindrical lock to what appears to be an exit device, but the cut is bigger than the allowed one inch diameter hole.

    It’s probably ok though, I’m sure the professional company that made this cut is also able to re-certify the door and put on a new label. So all is good.

  4. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    Artistically modified from a cylindrical lever prep to a rim/mortise/whatever will fit prep…. Now its dumpster food…

    I like the pencil marks where they squared off the marks…

    Reminds me of the old “Get Smart” safecracking skit where he would measure and draw all over the safe and then drill somewhere else…..

  5. Rachel Smith says:

    I love the turtle prep on the door for the cylindrical lock prep. Too bad it is missing something….the lock!

  6. Bryan McKeehan says:

    Universal 161 preps don’t work so well with exit devices, even the Von Duprin 98/99 series. It is possible with the old 161 prep w/o thru-bolt holes but only for a PANIC device, not a fire-rated device due to lack of proper reinforcing, as originally tested.

  7. Vince Black says:

    Someone added a Von Duprin exit device and attempted to murder the door in the process?

  8. Rich says:

    wonderful pic. Cylindrical prep with paint marks from old lock outline. Field modification of incorrect dimensions for VonDuprin 996 Lever trim. Look through door to see VD99 with center cam for unlocked lever operation.3

  9. Peter Argese says:

    VD 99 series with 996 trim. Bad choice and cut out for existing prep.

  10. Chuck says:

    The outside operating trim is missing

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