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Apr 11 2014

FF: I’ve got a welder and I’m not afraid to use it.

Category: Egress,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 2:30 pm Comments (9)

Paul Goldense of Goldense Building Products sent me these photos, taken in a 6-bay heavy truck repair garage.  Lots of torches, welders, flammables, and other hazards present.  Instead of replacing the door on the left, someone adept at welding Fixed-it.  The door on the right is the main exit.  These are the only 2 exits from the facility.  Do not try this at home.  🙁

Welded Security Screen  Garage Exit

9 Responses to “FF: I’ve got a welder and I’m not afraid to use it.”

  1. Joel Niemi says:

    Hope they leave some of the overhead doors open when they are working.

  2. David DeFilippo says:

    Loving your job to death takes on new meaning

  3. Jim Princehorn says:

    Usually I miss a lot of the details in the pictures, until someone says “did you see this?” but what stood out from me in the photo of the upside down door, is that the fire extinguisher is missing from the hook on the right side of the doorway.

    If they don’t worry about emergency egress, why would they worry about a fire extinguisher?

  4. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    All I can say is they were not adept at welding… They just have a welder….

  5. Chuck says:

    This would have made a good WW post as well because I am speechless!

  6. Khozema Kazi, AHC, FDAI says:

    sigh !! why us?? why so much torture on our bread n butter product? People – pls give due respect to this life saving and asset securing building element,

  7. Ken Grayling says:

    That would make Ironman rust!

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