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Jun 06 2013

New York City – Part 2

Here are some more photos from my weekend in NYC…these are all about taking a closer look.

When I was looking back through my photos I couldn’t figure out why I thought this pair was interesting.  Until I looked at the close-up.  Now I can’t look at either photo without seeing the giant piece of furniture.

Glass Pair   Dresser

I think this pair may be beyond help.  While my friend and I were taking photos of these doors, a couple walked by and in response to the woman wondering what were were taking pictures of, the man said, “They’re *arteests*.”  If he only knew.

Sad Pair   Hasp


This is a really beautiful restaurant, but their egress plan has a few problems.  Note the exit sign to the left of the photo.  I guess the exit is behind the curtains.  The other exit is way down at the opposite end, where the curtains are gathered to reveal the doors (the exit sign is dead-center), but scroll down to check out what’s on the opposite side of those doors.

Restaurant Exit

Exit from Exterior

This pivoting bookcase was in the same hotel as the restaurant above:


These may look like your standard (but beautiful) church doors, but I haven’t seen hinges like these before, have you?

Church Pair   Church Hinge

And who knows the manufacturer of this product?

Touch To Open

3 Responses to “New York City – Part 2”

  1. Eric Henken says:

    These types of push/pulls are always fun,especially for those that want to make sure that the door closes behind them. They pull on the handle and reactivate the door. I believe the manufacture is Pitco, but it has been about 20 years since I worked on one.

  2. Jim White, AOC says:

    Hi Lori

    Very interesting hinges. It seams as though the hinge is assembled into the door with the cover plate installed last. But I’m just guessing. It’s to bad the someone maintain the door and hardware could not even get the correct replacement screws. I’d like to know the manufacturer of those hinges. Did you ever find out who manufactured those barrel type hinges in your Indiana post?

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