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Apr 09 2013

Public House

Category: Beautiful Doors,Road TripsLori @ 8:52 pm Comments (6)

As always when I travel, I’ve been on the lookout for interesting doors during my trip to Las Vegas.  I saw these last night at dinner.  They’re beautiful (and huge!) carved wood panels, hung on center pivots which are offset from the edge.  When the doors are closed (see below), there is a gap at the hinge edge.

Entrance Pair

One Leaf

Public House

Bottom Pivot

Close Up

The glass doors and sidelite on the wine shelter caught my eye, but we didn’t experience any emergencies during dinner:

Wine Shelter Door and Sidelite

Wine Shelter

Emergency Drinking Only

And I love the bathroom signage, although I need someone who’s here at ISC-West to take a picture of the corresponding tiles inside the mens room.

Department of Stand Up Operations

  Remain Seated

Wash Hands

If you’re in Las Vegas and you see any interesting doors (or the inside of the Public House mens room), you know what to do!

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6 Responses to “Public House”

  1. Louise says:

    Some of my favorites Men/Womens signs:
    Bouys/Gulls – spelled out
    Bouy/Gulls – photo only
    Photo of dogs – Pointer/Setter

  2. Clair E Gunnet Jr AHC says:

    When I opened the email the pictures did not appear. I look forward to seeing these doors. Thanks

  3. Wayne Ficklin says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying your time in our fine city. Lots of strange and interesting things go on here.

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