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Nov 21 2012

WW: Thanksgiving Edition

I’m spending most of this week in Tennessee, and yesterday I went out to the local supermarket for a few more Thanksgiving dinner supplies.  This door caught my eye…

I wonder what these loops are for?

To everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow – have a Happy Thanksgiving!

17 Responses to “WW: Thanksgiving Edition”

  1. Andy Lindenberg says:

    How can you padlock, or chain a door closed without “loops”?

    That doesn’t look like the frozen food section? How in the world did you work your way to the back corner of the store? You were just looking for trouble! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Jess says:

    Hello Lori,

    those loops, they appear to be for a tamper evident seal, basically a thing that resembles a zip-tie that is threaded between the looks, as an indicator if and when the fire exit is opened, which in some states is required by code.

    I see this exact thing with the exit door on the pharmacy whenever i go inside, accept its not 2 small hooks, they use 2 eye bolts (and LCN 4111 closer with EDA arm)

    have fun in TN,

    -Jess the door closer doctor

    from the looks of it, the Securitron lock alarm box appears it maybe had a poor quality installer and he or she forgot to latch the box when they were done the installation,

    the closer (non-IR product) it looks like you found another with a bent parallel arm bracket

  3. curtis meskus says:

    Christmas ornaments?

  4. Cda says:

    They are semi security check

    Most of the time you see a zip tie between the two loops.

    So whoever can walk by and check off the door has not been opened since the last check.

    Anyway enjoy the days off!!!! And put down the camera especially with Black Friday coming up

  5. Eric says:

    Does your family act like they don’t know you when you start snapping pictures of back doors? LOL
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. cda says:

    similar to this, but have not seen them done on panic hardware

  7. Brad Keyes says:

    Lori… What are you doing snooping around the back rooms of a the local supermarkets? Tsk, tsk, tsk…. Can’t take you anywhere without finding trouble. No wonder your family doesn’t want to go anywhere with you!

    Happy Thanksgiving day to you.

  8. Thor Mollung says:

    That is a “howler” that they have jerry-rigged to the maglock. It basically is an audible alarm for when the door is opened. These are typically installed on the wall adjacent to the opening. Interesting application condsidering the cables are exposed. Not the way to really do it… Thanks for sharing the photo….

  9. Chris Bird, AHC, CSI says:

    I bet they previously had a padlock on the door – and then retrofitted a delayed egress system. Where in TN are you? I know you won’t leave the state without coming to see me 🙂

  10. Dick Barnhard says:

    Loops are probably for a padlock !!

  11. B. Holt says:

    Just one (rhetorical)question, if they are using the zip-tie idea, does that interfere with egress in an emergency situation or are the ties easily broken?

    • Lori says:

      In my opinion, the door would still have to open within the allowable force limits. If it was an actual zip-tie it might not, especially if it’s an accessible interior door that needs to open with 5 pounds of force. I don’t know if the AHJs would take issue to the message sent by the zip-tie. I will ask the ones on the discussion group.

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