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Jun 15 2012

Let’s look at the world a little differently…

Category: VideosLori @ 12:54 am Comments (4)

I love this video.  And if you were getting ready to say it’s “off topic,” the first word in the first frame is Security, and I saw several doors while watching it.  😀  AND…I’m pretty sure I spotted some footage from Morocco, which coincidentally is where I’m headed on this year’s summer road trip with my family.  Yes, Morocco, and no, I haven’t finally lost the rest of my mind.  I’ve mentioned before that my husband is originally from Morocco, and that my mother-in-law passed away last year.  We’ll be spending some time there this summer to get her estate squared away, and of course, look for some interesting doors.  Maybe I’ll even see if I can hunt down a Moroccan locksmith or hardware supplier.  That would be pretty cool, right?

Anyway…check it out.  I love the part about the crazy people.  It reminds me of my favorite video about how to start a movement.  I didn’t plan to start a movement when I created iDigHardware, but I think I have.  I guess that makes me the Lone Nut (I embedded this video below too, in case you don’t know why I’m suddenly admitting something you’ve thought all along).

P.S.  I know some of the footage in the first video is “recreated” and that Coke paid for it, but I still love it.  I hope you do too. Thanks for joining the movement. 😀

Here’s a link to a door-related news video I just ran across…was the door closed by a ghost?  Spooooookyyyyy.

4 Responses to “Let’s look at the world a little differently…”

  1. Tom Breese says:

    Glad to be a part of the movement! I’ll even follow your lead, and keep my shirt on. 😎

  2. Karen McKinley Talgo says:

    What cool videos for Friday! I’m gonna dance my way home – maybe in front of security cameras….did I miss the point?

  3. Jess says:

    Hello Lori,

    with all the people that view this site, i think YOU HAVE started a movement, and I’m proud to be a contributor of this when there’s a closer related question or reader photo showing a strange install.

    as for the news link about the ghostly door,

    i have a few questions i think should be asked to the people at the school or the maintenance person, this “behavior” could be nothing more then a closer that “fainted” in action (believe me, i have seen LCN closers do this, both 4040 and 4010 series.

    1, how old is the closer??

    2, is it the FP version??

    ( i have seen this happen, older LCN closers (4040’s as well as the 4110’s) after heavy use the oil gets “dirt” in it and the “dirt” can clog the valves and cause the slower then molasses closing as depicted in the video)

    once had a teacher in high school, this happened in his class with an LCN 4040 (first generation of them) “ohh no, i think its CONSTIPATED, help!”

    3, sweep/latch adjustments, possible someone tampered with it and closed the sweep speed valve by accident (or by an untrained maintenance person who has never adjusted an LCN closer)??

    3.1, does this closer have a DA adjustment (delayed action)?

    3.2, has this closer ever been REBUILT?

    (possible the rebuilder didn’t clean out all the old oil/dirt out of the closer cylinder during the rebuild and reassembled and added the oil and this was result) and was the proper fluid used after the rebuild? (LCN ultra liquid X)

    4, wind, was there any wind currents going on and this door got taken?? or by building stack pressure in the holding it open??

    (if sweep/latch regulation adjustments/condition of closer’s oil are ruled out of the cause for the super slow door)

    5, janitorial neglect, when a janitor locks up for the night in a school they should make sure all panics are NOT dogged and the doors are latched, I’m sure the only way this was door was overlooked is if the maintenance guy or whoever locked up the school for the night didn’t make sure ALL the doors were closed and latched before leaving the property.

    all these conditions above are the things i woudl rule out before i would settle on it being paranormal,

    this type of thing is what makes door closers interesting to me, in a way almost seems they have a “mind of their own” and will refuse to do their job (close the door)

    hope this gets fixed soon so it don’t become an invitation for disaster/break in’s

    -Jess the door closer doctor

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