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Jan 11 2012

WW: Blocked Exit Sensor

Category: Egress,Electrified HardwareLori @ 10:48 am Comments (4)

I saw this application twice in one week…the exit sensor for the mag-lock mounted behind the exit sign. It definitely affects the range of the sensor.  The code requirements for mag-locks do not address exact placement of the sensor, but this seems like common sense, no?

4 Responses to “WW: Blocked Exit Sensor”

  1. Travis Willis says:

    What came first the scanner or the sign? The chicken or the egg?

  2. Cda says:

    There is one to the right of it, maybe either one will release all the doors

    • Lori says:

      Good eye Charles. That’s a separate door and based on my experiments with the one with the exit sign, I don’t think the other one is wired to the pair.

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