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Aug 03 2011

WW: Going Nowhere

Category: Egress,Panic Hardware,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:08 am Comments (5)

This photo was sent in by Kathi Frelk of Anderson Lock (check out their blog!).  It’s perfect for Wordless Wednesday because I have no words for this application.  Well, I guess I could say that two rim devices with a removable mullion would have been a much more secure application, but would anyone listen?

Thanks Kathi!

5 Responses to “WW: Going Nowhere”

  1. Nabil Hanna AHC says:

    What do you think about using Von Duprin 237L OR Sargent WD7000 on one leaf and keep the second leaf with the existing cross bar? if we have a problem to use a mullion .

    • Lori says:

      Hi Nabil –

      The first question would be whether the doors are required to have panics. If they are, the 237L and WD7000 can’t be used. I have had a few applications where I have used two 237Ls, like an inswinging pair where I wanted to avoid auto flush bolts, but I wouldn’t replace one of the devices in the photo with that type of lock. With most vertical rod problems, it seems to be installation and adjustment that causes the security issues. I would try to address that rather than changing one leaf.

      – Lori

  2. John Bunzick says:

    Years ago I saw chained doors like this (without the pipe) in an elementary school! …while it was in session!! I can’t even imagine what the maintenance staff and principal were thinking (or not thinking). To this day I regret not having raised a stink about it. I was young, and I guess I did not want to antagonize the client. I would never stay silent today.

    I also once saw exit devices on emergency gates from the subway chained up. I complained bitterly to the station manager and operations personnel at headquarters. Believe it or not, I was told that this was a “safety” provision so potential terrorists could not get in and plant a bomb. They apparently thought a terrorist would be too cheap or stupid just to buy a fare to get in and a plant a bomb. Nor were they taking into account that a fire in the station, even just a small smokey one requiring evacuation (I actually called one of those in once, in downtown Boston), is probably tens of thousands of times more likely than a terrorist attack. And if a bomb did go off, how would people get out? At least the chains did disappear after a couple of days, just before I planned to call the Fire Chief for the City of Boston.

    How is it that the perceived additional security against unauthorized entry in these situations is perceived as worse than the risk to human life? It stumps me.

    • Lori says:

      Hi John –

      I completely agree with you! I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to make a stink about these situations. I always think about how I would feel if I didn’t say something and then there was a problem. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

  3. David Lauziere says:

    SRI finish (rust inhibitor) on the pipe would’ve been a nice thoughtful touch!

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