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Jul 05 2011

WWYD? – Church Pair Meeting Stiles

I saw this church from the highway on our way into Roanoke, Virginia last week – it’s St. Andrews Catholic Church, and I just knew it would have some nice doors.  As soon as I approached the building from the parking lot, I spotted the meeting stile gasketing.  Most people would probably see the building as a whole, or maybe the beautiful pulls, but I couldn’t get past the gasketing.

So, what would you do?  What gasketing would you have used, or would you have skipped it altogether?  Leave your answer in a comment…I’d really love to know how other people would handle this application.

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10 Responses to “WWYD? – Church Pair Meeting Stiles”

  1. Bob Caron says:

    Edge mortised astragals would look a lot better, but look at what they did to the door faces in order to get those escutcheons in! They should have taken up a collection to have custom pulls made. Those doors remind me of when something is screwed to a tree and the tree grows around and over it.

  2. Debbie Purcell says:

    I totally agree; the gasketing takes away from the ornate pull. I would have probably used something like a National Guard # A635 mortised nylon brush.

  3. Lee Francisco says:

    Yes on the mortised edge astragals and it looks like the escutcheons are mounted on the wrong leafs. The pulls appear to be offset towards the meeting stile instead towards the hinge stile.

  4. Darren Patton says:

    What a Kluge. What a shame that someone did not have the the fore sight to see imagine the end result. Mortised MTG STL AST. I know it came down to money this was the cheapest route. Where did the missing screws go? And why is there a big hole in the pull? I used to work in Roanoke and I am very critical of door hardware installations because that’s what we do. It really cheapens our trade when installs like this happen.

  5. Jamo Ladd says:

    Lee, you have a good eye for detail. I agree with you. look at the thumbpiece
    also agree with Bob

  6. Glenn Goulet says:

    The one thing not apparent is the reveal between the doors. Sometimes it’s impossible to get Mortised MTG STL AST to work properly. Also, pulling the doors down to make the mortise doesn’t sound cost effective. The Catholic churches are closing, not remodeling. The least they could do with a little care is match a spray paint to the door color so the astragal w/s would blend before they installed. Regarding the trim, it looks like it was designed with the pull offset to the thumbpiece. They should have left the original cylinders in. Oh well, just another example of low bid.

  7. Jim White, AHC/CDC says:

    It is really too bad some hack destroyed the beauty of these doors. I would also use a brush type strip mortised into the edge of the door. At the very least, this astragal set should have been mounted on the inside or the same finish screw or lined the screws up next to each other. As for the pulls, I think the handles are mounted backwards. If they were tilted toward the hinges you could use the thumbpeice. The center pair of doors have cylinders which are the wrong finish. That’s probably what the indents are for on the other pulls. It is hard to believe that this stuff happens, but Lori keeps producing evidence that it does.

  8. Nabil Hanna says:

    Agree with Debbie to use a mortise astragal Pemko 300CP or NGP143P or Zero 335A or if money is not a big issue as it is a main entry door and it is only one opening , we can go to the adjustable 156G of Zero

  9. Neal Frazier says:

    Debbie mentioned a product (NGP #A635) that would make the problems related to the astragal go away; best by far and easiest to install. The hardware should accentuate the beauty of the ornate custom wood doors, not detract. Their good intentions were to make the building “greener”. the unexpected side effect may be worse. You only see the utility bill once a month, this installation is seen every day of the week and Sunday too.
    Maybe, try again? What’s to lose?

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