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Jun 22 2011

WW: Big Butts

Category: Hinges & Pivots,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:01 am Comments (7)

Is it me, or are those some really big butts on pretty small doors?  This post should bring in some interesting stats…like the guy who Googled “naked ladies with no cover-ups” and was sent to my blog post on naked closers with snap-on covers.  🙂

7 Responses to “WW: Big Butts”

  1. Jess says:

    Morning Lori,

    who knows what this post will bring in, butt yes, im pretty sure this post will bring in some (naughty) googlers,

    yes i remember that guy who googled “naked ladies with no cover ups” and landed on the article with the naked 4040 XP and snap on cover,

    unless this guy was Johnny #5 or Wall*E, i cannot see how a naked closer could be considered porn.

    unless LCN has gendered their famous naked LCN a lady, LOL

    i still get a giggle out of that post you made about the guy from your stats, LOL

    (in today’s society, that’s what you get for looking up porn, sometimes a person will succeed, sand there are times he will be really disappointed (and see hardware instead of nude women)

    least this guy when googling didn’t act stupid, one man I remember he broke into THE STATE POLICE HQ to do his googling for porn, this happened in NJ a few years ago.

    for all those who want to read,

    another way to look at it,(the article the disappointed man landed on) great way to market the LCN 4040 XP and the snap-on closer “clothes” (ok, COVER)


  2. Jim says:

    Yes Mam them thar be some big ol butts :). Someone had some big ball [tips that is] to put such large butts on those skinny doors. Well, maybe the doors are 3″ thick.

  3. Chris Bird says:

    Can you say “Baby Got Back”? You have to love an industry such as ours where ordinary, boring to most, items such as locks and hinges generate such terms as big butts, naked closers and my all time favorite… “Sex Nuts”! Try Googling That.

  4. Jess says:

    chris Bird,

    LOLOLOL what is it with the hardware industry, always something a SLIGHT bit naughty or dirty has to get put in,

    dogging device too can sound dirty, dogging in the UK refers to sexual acts in public,

    and yes i know what sex nuts are, for those who dont, they are grommit nuts used for thru bolting a closer or an exit device to the door the term sex nut because the part that is on pull side of door (presume the closer is on push side) basically a flat head carriage bolt with female threads, (basically a long skinny nut) that the screws or bolts (that hold the exit device/closer on) screw into.

    so yea, those key words of butts, naked closers, ball tips, can generate lots of weird things,

    now only way that you wont get looked at with an unusual face, is if locksmiths or door repair companies or hardware suppliers or architects knew what you were talking about if you asked for 5 inch butt hinges with ball tips (they are actually called finnials) dogging feature in exit bar, and sex nuts for the (naked)closer, to the untrained ear, the general public would think your talking in code or some secret term or phrase to something sexual, especially if came from the mouth of a female.

    ………..and I only thought the dirtiest part of hardware was leaking closers……… never really put any thought to the terms until mentioned in this post (and the comments LOL)

    -Jess the door(closer)doctor

  5. Jess says:

    Lori and Chris,

    just thought of another door/hardware term,

    JACKSHAFT, found this one out when i was in the 6th grade and short me would always go after the vertical rods to operate the pushbar fellow student’s dad was in the overhead door repair field/locksmithing, and told me about it, not believing him, i waited until i got my hands on a DIY book and seen the student was right about the garage door part (jackshaft)

    the horizontal bar at top of an overhead door between the rails, on which the torsion spring is mounted, and sometimes an overhead door opener.

    -Jess the door closer doctor

    • Jess says:

      forgot to add another term

      term mostly used in closers, GLAND

      (referring to the packing material and nut that hold the pinion shaft in the closer.)


  6. Nota says:

    “I like Big Butts and I can not lie…”

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