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Mar 27 2011

Help Choose the FAQs

Category: General InfoLori @ 10:10 pm Comments (14)

I don’t ask for much, right?  But I need a little help.  I’ve been posting on this blog for over 2 years and there are more than 400 posts.  I know it can sometimes be hard to find the specific post or topic you’re looking for.  You can search by typing something into the search box, but when I just typed “panic hardware,” I got a list of 49 posts that mentioned that term.  You can also go to the index and get a list of all the posts for any given category, but those lists can be pretty long too.  As an example, the Fire Door category currently has 91 posts.

To help alleviate this problem I’m going to add some links to FAQs in the sidebar, so at least the 10-15 most common questions will be answered there.  But I need help identifying what you are most often searching for.  I can get some information from my stats, but since there were 1,085 different search terms used IN THE LAST MONTH(!), it’s not that easy to narrow it down to a dozen FAQs.

Here are some of the topics I think people search for most often.  Please add to the list by leaving a comment.

  • Where is panic hardware required?
  • Is it acceptable to lock stairwell doors on the stair side?
  • What is the required clear width for an accessible or egress door?
  • Do current codes allow the use of wire glass in fire doors?
  • Why is my oil-rubbed bronze finish coming off?
  • Is panic hardware required on electric rooms?
  • What release devices are required for mag-locks?

What else?


14 Responses to “Help Choose the FAQs”

  1. Brad Keyes says:

    Lori- I wish I could help, but I am interested in nearly everything you post. Even though my background is Life Safety, I enjoy reading about all phases of door code compliance that you share.


  2. Kurt Roeper says:

    When will fire door inspections be required in my jurisdiction?

  3. Rachel Smith says:

    Anything to do with fire labeling — such as why the openings and the walls have different hour ratings, why 3 sided frames don’t specify the time rating of the frame, why certain hardware preps are required on labeled openings. Basically the nuts and bolts of what requirements are needed for fire rated doors and frames.

  4. Ken Adkisson says:

    I recently read one of your posts that said something like “smoke door” questions came all the time. That might be a good FAQ. However, the search feature worked well for me when i typed in “Smoke”. In fact, one of your suggestions for FAQ has got me searching for panic hardware and electrical rooms right now!

  5. Hal Kelton says:

    When does Lori Greene sleep?

  6. John Jackson says:

    Here is a question that might be of some interest.

    Does latch retraction fire exit panic hardware used in conjunction with access control on fire doors require a fire alarm interface?

    I would say yes, if the latch is retracted through the use of the access control programming to allow a door to be open without manually pushing on the panic device, then a fire alarm interface is needed to positively latch the door in a fire alarm event.

  7. John Jackson says:

    Another question:

    At what temperature does an auxiliary fire latch activate?

  8. Lisa Goodwin Robbins says:

    How about, when or why do I need to hire a hardware consultant? Maybe a quick description of the value added by hiring an experienced AHC? I often tell Architects that hardware errors are daily irritants to the Owner. Lee Johnson often tells Architects that an AHC makes their submittals process easier. What do you think?

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