I’m in Las Vegas for a meeting that starts in a couple of days, and I’m pretty sure I could find enough cool and creative doors here to last me for a few months. Today we visited Red Rock Canyon (not a lot of doors there), the Hoover Dam (more doors there than you’d think), and a weirdly beautiful building by Frank Gehry. Since I’m blogging from an iPad which is not that easy, I’ll post some quick photos and save the longer posts for when I get home next week.

The visitors’ center at the Hoover Dam has an exterior area that’s surrounded by a fence. To provide egress from the area, they installed a revolving turnstile and a pair of storefront doors. The closer I got to the storefront doors, the more obvious it became that someone had gotten creative with hardware again. So I ask you – why? Ideas?

UPDATE: Check out the comments for the answer to the carpet question…apparently the sun is a lot hotter in Nevada than in New England.

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