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Sep 02 2010

All Fixed!

My site has been moved to a new server so hopefully all of the technical difficulties are behind us and I can get on with the important stuff – DOORS!  🙂

If you find any glitches, broken links, etc., please let me know.  And if you need a new website or help with an existing one, Robert Drake and Michael Mastrole at Creekside Systems have been lifesavers.  I met Robert because I had a question about a plug-in he created, and he actually responded to my question and helped with my problem.  I wanted to make some other changes but hadn’t had time to figure out how, so I hired Robert at a very reasonable rate to help me fix all of my website issues.

We had a lot of problems with our previous website host, and when the site went down again I decided that Creekside would become the new hosts for the site.  Robert and Michael moved the site last weekend and I didn’t notice any downtime at all.  I highly recommend them if you have website issues of your own, or if you’ve been wanting a website but don’t know where to start.

And for those of you who arrived here today looking for some door photos, I think I’ll call this series “BAND-AIDS.”  Feel free to zoom in, look around, and leave a comment if you’ve got something to say.

Photos submitted by Jeff Tock, Door Controls and Exit Device Training Manager for Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.

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3 Responses to “All Fixed!”

  1. Charles Hobbs says:


    This is the reason why the egress and fire doors need to be inspected and also the reason why they are not. The owner (or tenant)made their own modification to suit their need not the public’s. It is also ugly and reflects badly on the owner/tenant.

    Good luck with the new website.


  2. hassan says:

    why escape doors in the middle of the building

  3. Lori says:

    Hi Hassan –

    Panic hardware is often used even on interior doors, either because the occupancy type and occupant load require panics, or because a pair of doors with panic hardware is more reliable and easier to maintain than the alternative.

    – Lori

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