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Aug 12 2010

Reader Photos

Category: Egress,Panic Hardware,Reader PhotosLori @ 10:41 am Comments (4)

The good news is that these doors are being replaced, presumably with doors that will provide security without jeopardizing life safety.  The bad news is that this is a popular restaurant and their main entrance doesn’t come close to meeting the requirements for egress.

I usually see cane bolts like this used to hold the doors in the open position.  I can’t tell if there are holes in the sidewalk to insert the bolts into to keep the doors open, but the holes in the threshold tell me that they have been used to keep the doors locked at some point.  The padlock and hasp requires no explanation.

Thank you to Andy Olson of Reliable Glass and Door for making my day. 🙂

4 Responses to “Reader Photos”

  1. cda says:

    high crime area ??????

    • Lori says:

      I checked with the reader who sent in the photos and it doesn’t sound like a particularly high crime area although there were some signs of attempted entry or vandalism on the cylinder.

      – Lori

  2. leftcoastpdx says:

    Thanks for all your good work on the blog. It’s a small thing, but the vertical drop bolts in the picture have always been known to me as “Cane Bolts.” Cremone Bolts are another animal altogether. Keep up the good work. I like hardware most days.

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