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Apr 09 2010

Glass Door Fails

Category: Glass,VideosLori @ 7:40 pm Comments (2)

I’m not a big fan of glass doors because the options for hardware are so limited, but they do supply some interesting fail moments. You’d think that after multiple people ran into the same sidelite, they’d stick on some fake snowflakes or something…

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2 Responses to “Glass Door Fails”

  1. B says:

    I can’t tell you how hard I laughed when I opened IE today and this popped up as IHH is my home page…

    I had the privilege of having a customer’s 200++ lb glass door fall off of its top pivot in my hand on Friday in Cambridge…Yup…The look on my face would have been good for that video and I am glad the video in the area does not record audio
    90 minutes later and some (a lot) help from my main man Jon it was fixed

    The timing of your post could not have been better…

    • Lori says:

      I’m so psyched that you have IHH as your home page!

      I specified a project a few years ago that was a really old church and the architect added a glass vestibule at the exterior doors. The glass vestibule was built inside the building and the existing wood doors were to be held open while the building was occupied, with the four new pairs of glass doors creating the airlock. So the giant vestibule had two pairs of exterior glass doors, two pairs of interior glass doors, two side walls, 8 sidelites, 4 transoms, and a glass ceiling. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole because I was uncomfortable with the egress situation…if the exterior doors were closed, the vestibule created a giant glass “trap”.

      When they were installing the doors, a door fell, then a sidelite, a transom panel, and several other pieces – all broken. Luckily not all of the components had been installed yet. I was there the next day looking at something else, and boy was I glad that I hadn’t been involved.

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