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Apr 05 2010

Beautiful Weekend in Boston

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This weekend we took advantage of the beautiful spring weather to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D at a local farm and on an Easter boat cruise.  Lots of sun and signs of spring, but not a lot of doors.

I did notice this one at the farm:

Drumlin Farm

1) I thought it was interesting that the U-shaped piece seems to have been installed just for this purpose – I would typically expect to see the strap wrapped around the railing.

2) I’m pretty that the ANSI test standards for the lock don’t include a test for force in that direction.

3) This door is on an underground exhibit where you can look at the burrows of various animals.  It has no windows and two doors – both with the same hardware – double cylinder deadlocks.  I guess it could be interesting to spend a night in an underground bunker with a skunk, a bunny, a possum, a red fox, and the cage where they grow the mice that they feed to the injured birds, but it gives me the willies just thinking about it.

When we were waiting to board the Easter lunch cruise around Boston Harbor, I spotted a trusty Von Duprin 99L exit device on one of the doors on the boat.  As I was taking a photo, I heard my husband say to my mother-in-law in Arabic, “She’s crazy about doors.”  I guess there are worse things you’d have to explain to your mother about your wife.  She seems to accept my weirdness, and even if she didn’t, I don’t speak enough Arabic to realize it (although I do know the words for “crazy” and “door”).  We wound up seated right next to this door, and the closer was having a heck of a time controlling it, but the photo does illustrate one of the challenges of “flush” frames (note the angle bracket).

Von Duprin 99L Closer

Here are a few other photos from our cruise…no more doors but the one of my daughter’s reaction to the Easter Bunny is simultaneously sad and hilarious.  She did recover from her fear of furry beings with oversized heads by the time we arrived back in port, and now she and the Easter Bunny are tight.

Boston SkylineCoast GuardNavy Ship

USS ConstitutionTD Banknorth GardenEaster Bunny Scary

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One Response to “Beautiful Weekend in Boston”

  1. Jess says:

    looks like you had a nice time with your family and seeing the doors and boats.

    doors on boats (cruise ships especially) if specifying closers, I would go with the next highest size then what’s normally recommended for the door if on dry land, (tip: use a closer that has advanced backcheck and use a reinforced door that’s stronger at hinges, latch and closer mounting area and upper frame where door closer arm is mounted (because of door control is not good when a ship is listing to one side (tipping to one side) or rocking in waves)

    as for the closer you were seated next to, it’s definitely NOT an IR product. I have a feeling of what brand and series that one is, I will not name any brands here. despite the arm used on it does look in a way like the EDA arm used on LCNs.

    there is a company (will not name, but will say they are european) that makes a tandem closer for use on boats (this means 2 closers connected to each other at the arm spindle and the arm is attached to the upper closer for better control.

    about the frame, flush frames are really common in europe, because of installation ease, this is why that with many films and images of any door closers from england and eastward you will see they use a rail/track type arm.

    was nice easter pictures with bunny, hope all was well with your trip and happy late easter to you lori


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